Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Firmsourcing, the latest trend in LPO

With the proliferation of outsourcing gaining new edges, an innovative outsourcing concept is emerging which is going to revolutionalise the legal outsourcing paradigm. Firmsourcing is the concept where the offshore law firm outsources its services to Indian law firm, thereby saving smartly the costs retaining the same quality. The pool of top Indian legal talent with proven exposure to out-sourcing industry is already evident.

Once the recession is over, there would be a large flow of outsourced legal work to be catered. Is the Indian legal industry prepared to take up the challenges?

To meet out the needs of growing Offshore law firms firmsourcing is the ultimate concept. It culls the unnecessary technicalities and formalities, encouraging firm-firm relationship. The offshore firm sends the project and receives the same consistent quality work product before the deadline without being caught in the web of technicality and formalities. Since there is little or no intervention in the relationship, both the Indian and the offshore firm are set to grow steeply.

The advantages of firmsourcing over traditional outsourcing to an LPO company is two fold. First, no formalities and technicalities, thereby creating direct relationship with Indian law firms, which results in a better turn around time. Second, since the law firm is not an LPO company it can give you competitive work product at a highly affordable price. This is possible because the expenses of the Indian law firm are far below LPO companies allowing the law firm to offer you more affordable solutions to your outsourcing demands.


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